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Sideswipe accidents often result in minor car damage such as scratches, dents, or a missing trim. Thankfully, most times, this tends not to be fatal, however, it can be very frustrating nevertheless. Sometimes though, these accidents can end up being fatal.

In this article, we go over the details of these accidents and how you can protect yourself and your rights with the help of Mesquite TX side swipe accident lawyers if you are a victim of one.

Automobile blind spots cause more than 840,000 sideswipe accidents in the United States each year, says Popular Mechanics.

In addition to this, here are other factors to consider:

  • Driver distraction

Every now and then we see drivers comb their hair, take a phone conversation, write a text, or fidget with the radio while oblivious to the road ahead. Allowing distractions to divert their attention away from driving safely causes drivers to drift out of their lanes and into the paths of other vehicles, increasing the risk of side-wipe collisions.

  • Careless drivers

Road raging drivers endanger other road users by allowing their rage to influence their driving decisions. Many of the unpredictable driving actions associated with road rage can result in deadly sideswipe crashes.

  • Drivers under the influence

Driver response times are slowed by drugs and alcohol, and they are less likely to make safe judgments behind the wheel.

The Legal Liability of Sideswipe Collisions

It is common for victims of sideswipe accidents to believe that the other driver should be held liable for their losses. In many cases, they are right. It may not always be the case, however. Several people can be held responsible for causing a sideswipe collision.

They often contain the following:

  • According to the law, the driver who makes a reckless decision behind the wheel resulting in a sideswipe collision.
  • Those who employ drivers who cause work-related accidents.
  • Bars and restaurants that served alcohol to an unmistakably inebriated customer who subsequently drove and collided with another vehicle.
  • If an avoidable and unreasonably unsafe road condition contributed to a sideswipe collision, local and state government agencies and contractors are liable.
  • In the case of a sideswipe collision accident caused by a defective product, automotive manufacturers are liable.

Assessing the Damage Caused by a Sideswipe Collision.

To obtain complete and reasonable compensation for a sideswipe collision victim, a detailed understanding of how the accident affected the victim’s life is necessary. Experienced automobile accident injury lawyers will often examine the following types of damages and assess their cash value to represent the victim’s harm:

  • Medical expenditures borne by the victim for treatment of injuries sustained in the accident, such as emergency care, hospitalization, doctor visits, therapy, etc.
  • Non-medical expenditures incurred by the victim such as the cost of employing services to assist with daily chores.
  • Punitive damages may be awarded in some situations to punish and discourage highly irresponsible or outrageous behavior.
  • Income that the sufferer was unable to earn in the past and in the future due to the injury that kept them out of work.