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Overloaded Trucks

All vehicles have a maximum weight that they can carry that is considered safe. Overloaded trucks occur when trucking companies load more weight into the trailer than they can support. These trucking companies exceed the maximum weight the trucks can safely carry. These days, weight ratings determine how much load a trailer can safely support. Federal and State laws set these ratings. Unfortunately, trucking companies are not following them. It is not uncommon to find yourself sharing the road with dangerously overloaded trucks these days. These trucks are a menace to other drivers and the roads.

If you or your loved one has been in a trucking accident caused by an overloaded truck on the road, you should seek legal remedies. You are entitled to compensation for your medical bills, wages lost, property damage, and more. Find a truck accident attorney to help file your claims and receive your compensation. You can always find one close to you. Search for “Massachusetts overloaded truck accident attorneys” on Google if you stay around the bay state, and you will find experienced legal aid. You can use your state or area to find one. Make sure they have enough SPECIALIST experience before you hire one.

Weight Stations Are Not Helping

Weight stations have been set up across the country to help combat the problem of overloaded trucks. They are essentially stations that truck drivers are supposed to pass through, and they determine if a truck is overloaded or not. One would think this is an effective tactic, but it has proven otherwise. Here’s the thing, these stations are not open 24/7, and truck drivers can take advantage to avoid being caught with their overloaded vehicles. To make matters worse, when these stations are open and actually find overloaded trucks, they give the driver a ticket for an overloaded truck, but it is allowed back on the road. These weight stations are ineffective despite being a great idea to combat overloaded trucks.

How Do Overloaded Trucks Cause Accidents

  • Cargo can fall on other cars causing accidents
  • Accidents occur when other drivers try to avoid cargo that falls from the truck
  • Because they are overloaded, they are too heavy to respond to emergencies

Cargo can fall on other cars; Cargo can fall off the trucks and on other cars. This can lead to devastating accidents. The cargo might directly impale the other vehicle and cause ghastly damage.

Accidents occur when other drivers try to avoid fallen cargo; When cargo drops from a moving truck, other drivers on the road have to respond swiftly and these enforced quick reactions can lead to accidents. One vehicle might hit another vehicle while trying to avoid the cargo or swerve dangerously off the road.

Because they are overloaded, they are too heavy to respond to emergencies; Overloading a truck can limit a truck’s maneuverability and stopping distance. The results can be devastating accidents. Trucks already have issues reacting swiftly because of how heavy they are. Adding more cargo worsens their responses.

How To Reduce Overloaded Truck Accidents The Road

  • Give them space; When you see an overloaded truck on the road, put as much distance between yourself and the truck as possible. Avoid driving on either side or behind them.
  • Slow down; Don’t speed around loaded trucks. The results can be devastating. Drive slowly, and if they try to overtake you. Drive to the right side of the lane and maintain yourself.
  • Avoid distracted driving; Avoid calls, texts, or eating while behind the wheels, especially if there is a loaded truck around. Focus on the road so you can react quickly to any dangers.