Even with over 400,000 personal injury claims filed in the US every year, there are plenty more cases that don’t get filed that should. There are many reasons why someone might hesitate to file a lawsuit. You deserve to get the compensation you need after an accident with your lawyer in Roseville, CA.

Here are a couple reasons why people hesitate to file a personal injury claim.

I can’t afford a lawyer.

This is a common reason people don’t file a personal injury lawsuit. However, you shouldn’t let money stop you from getting the compensation you deserve. After an accident, you are left with medical bills piling up, household bills going unpaid, and you might be having trouble dealing with the financial consequences of the accident. What you really need is the money you should get from the responsible party to cover these expenses. The compensation from the lawsuit is exactly what you need to get back on your feet. Most personal injury lawyers don’t charge you unless they get money for you. There are other fees you will have to pay for the case, but these fees will come out of your award. If you feel you have a strong case, don’t let the money scare you away from getting your compensation.

I don’t have time.

This might seem like a huge commitment and you don’t want to waste your time dealing with a lawsuit, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the compensation you need. The average time it takes for a simple personal injury lawsuit is two to three months. Most of this time will be spend waiting while most of the work is done by the lawyer. There will be times when you have to meet with your attorney in Roseville, CA to do your part of the process. Time does factor into people’s decision on whether or not to file a personal injury claim. While it may take time away from other things, the compensation you get will be worth it if it gives you the ability to get back to your life.

I don’t know if I have a case.

This is a great reason to hesitate before filing a lawsuit. It’s important to make sure you have a case before rushing to a Roseville Personal Injury Lawyer. The good news is that lawyers offer free case evaluations to help you determine if you have a case. Personal injury lawyers often don’t get paid unless they win the case, so they won’t lie to you about having one. If they feel like you have a solid case that they can win, then you know you do. Don’t try to determine this on your own, let a lawyer guide you in a case evaluation. You don’t have to commit to the lawyer after the consultation and you are free to think about your options.