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By nature, car accidents are unpredictable. No one drives their car expecting to get into an accident. There is also no scientific evidence that can help prevent car accidents. What people can do is to drive carefully and pay attention to the road. Following a California car accident guide can help you reduce the chances of getting an accident and know the steps to take if you are ever in an accident. In the article below, get to know where and when car accidents are likely to happen.

Two-Lane Roads

Accidents are pretty common on two-lane roads. That is because the drivers are going in opposite directions, which increases the risk of a head-on collision accident. Besides that, most two-lane roads have limited shoulders. So, if there is a problem and one driver wants to escape, they do not have much room to pull off from the road. For instance, say a driver is overtaking another car. If they do not do this fast enough and another car comes, the chances of an accident are high.


While this may come as a surprise, a huge number of accidents occur in neighborhoods or close to one’s home. A 2004 study by an insurance company found that about 52% of all accidents happened within five miles from one’s home. Generally, drivers are likely to crash in their own neighborhood more than in any other place. Maybe this is because the brain goes on autopilot mode when one is driving along a familiar route.

Have you ever arrived at your destination only to realize that you have been in a trance-like state the entire time? That is what happens when you are in a familiar place. For some reason, your brain relies on muscle memory more than your active driving skills or vigilance. One of the most important things that all drivers need to keep is staying alert and buckling up. As long as you keep your mental state active, focusing on driving, you will be promoting road safety.

Rush Hour

When you are driving during rush hour, you are most likely stressed, frustrated, and inattentive. You will find some drivers multitasking between driving, eating, shaving, applying makeup, or tuning the radio. Additionally, there are more cars and drivers on the road than usual. This is when a lot of fender bender collisions happen because drivers are distracted and tired. When you factor in all these considerations, it is easy to see why many accidents happen at this time.

Parking Lots

Another common location for car accidents is the parking lot. Picture a compact space with many stressed-out drivers competing for small spaces. This provides the opportunity for accidents to happen. Most low-speed collisions occur in parking lots. The accidents include vehicles sideswiping other cars while parking, cars backing into each other, or cars backing into passing passengers. Fortunately, a lot of parking lot accidents hardly result in serious injuries, and the vehicle damage is often mild.


According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), more than 50% of accidents happen at intersections. Most of the time, these accidents are caused by improper turns, distracted driving, or speeding. Intersection accidents can be fatal, leading to severe injuries like head trauma, hearing damage, broken shoulders, and whiplash.

Rural Streets

A lot of people only assume that accidents are only popular in urban areas as there are many cars. However, fatal accidents can also happen in rural streets, leading to severe injuries. Car accidents can happen anywhere. It is the responsibility of drivers to be attentive anytime they are behind the wheel. This reduces the risk of accidents and can save many lives,