Are you looking for a divorce lawyer to ask for advice? Before you dive into your research, here’s what you should know about it. Let’s start immediately by saying that the divorce lawyer is practically synonymous with a marriage lawyer. You can contact salt lake city divorce lawyer if you are looking for one in the region.

Family law attorney: Which branch does the divorce lawyer belong to?

Another name by which the divorce (or matrimonial) lawyer is known is ” family lawyer.” It is a lawyer specialized in that branch that takes the name of family law. The term family lawyer is more complete and includes all those “specializations” concerning family law, the law of persons, and the law of minors.

Among the usual questions that should be asked to the professional during the first interview, there are the following. Better to have clear ideas right away to orient yourself (and be guided) in the best possible way in the world of family law. What can you ask your divorce lawyer?

  • What is the difference between divorce and separation?
  • What does custody of children involve? And their placement?
  • How is the separation with charge obtained?

After obtaining the answers, even without the presence of the partner who is the subject of the dispute, proceed to choose the professional who convinces you. Here are things that (maybe) you still don’t know, useful before choosing your trusted divorce lawyer.

The headquarters of the law firm

This aspect also plays a not secondary role in choosing one’s divorce lawyer. The reason is apparent. The distance of the law firm from the competent court can affect the costs in the fee when you have to be represented by the divorce lawyer in a case of separation or divorce from your spouse. But it is not just a question of costs: since the separation petition is presented to the court of the couple’s last residence/common home, the proximity of the legal defender presupposes his familiarity with the practices of the court itself.

Not just separations and divorces

Perhaps not everyone knows that counseling with a divorce lawyer is not just about ending a bad marriage. You can also contact this professional for:

  • The validation of separations/divorces occurred in foreign states
  • The formalization of a civil union
  • Cohabitation (i.e., of two people who live together and build a family even though they are not married)
  • Advice on marriage, before taking this step, with specific reference to the rights/duties of the spouses and the regime to choose (separation or community of assets)
  • Duties and rights regarding the custody of minor children
  • Adoptions

The sensitivity of the professional

Family law, separations, and the custody of minor children are extremely delicate topics requiring availability and tact. When choosing a divorce lawyer, make sure they have up-to-date skills in their specialty and have good doses of mediation and psychological support for their clients.

The lawyer himself can mediate the first steps towards a separation. With this procedure, if the spouses collaborate, a legal (consensual) separation can be reached within a few weeks. But even in the most challenging cases of complicated separations, with minor children or large assets to manage, they can be carried out efficiently.