Going through a divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved, and that includes your children. As you and your ex separate your lives, households, and finances, it is important to keep a solid footing for your children. One way to do this is to sign a child custody agreement with your ex-spouse. The agreement should outline several situations related to your children.

1. Schooling Specifications

Schooling information is an important reason to ask a family law attorney Tampa to help you create a child custody agreement. When it comes to your child’s education, you’ll need to consider which school district your children will attend. Furthermore, maybe you don’t want them to attend a public district at all and would prefer for them to be homeschooled or attend a private school. There may also need to be information provided regarding who handles a child’s IEP if one is present and whether children can or cannot participate in certain extracurricular activities. 

2. Physical Custody Specifications

Physical custody specifications need to be quite detailed. Who will the child live with primarily? When will visitation happen and how will exchanges occur? Who has the child on which holidays? What happens if there is no school? In addition to specifying exactly which parent the child is with and when, it is important to be specific. Instead of saying “Parent A will drop the child off at Parent B after school on Friday,” set a specific time, such as 6:00 p.m. Depending on where exchanges happen, you may also need to indicate how long one parent must wait for the other before assuming the parent is a no-show and is forfeiting his or her visit.  

3. Medical Specifications

Medical responsibilities are an important part of taking care of your child, which means it’s necessary to put the details of medical care in your child custody agreement. Some things to consider include who your child’s primary medical provider will be, which parent handles the child’s health insurance, and what the plans are in cases of urgent care or emergency room situations. It is also important to indicate who will pay for any out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as co-pays, medications, and so on. Finally, determine how long one parent has to repay the other for any situations such as these. 

It is always a good idea to work with a reputable attorney when creating a child custody agreement. An attorney has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that you fill everything out completely and provide all the detail necessary to ensure your children are safe, well cared for, and happy.