The website is one of the media or platforms that are widely used by business people in digital marketing today. The website is also used as a place or container to promote various products in the form of goods or services. SEO is one way to be able to promote and introduce products or website profiles for your company and business.

Actually there are many ways that can be done besides SEO. Starting from SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which focuses on advertising on Google, then social media optimization, and various other methods in the field of marketing channels. In this article, we only focus on discussions related to the meaning, types, types, and benefits of SEO.

What is SEO

We will enter into a discussion about the true meaning of SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a form of appreciation given to website pages that are listed on the first page of the Google search engine.

So, the general definition of SEO is a way to optimize a website to rank high in search results, especially in organic research. Which, the organic search is done by the user or when entering search keywords (keywords) in the browser and Google search engine.

SEO is very focused on organic keyword searches and is different from SEM which focuses on advertising media provided by Google. So, if you create a website, it will be better to optimize with seo company hong kong than using SEM, because you have to need funds or capital to promote advertising on Google.

SEO traffic type

After knowing the meaning of SEO, then enter the discussion about several types of traffic types from SEO. For now, there are three types of traffic that can be classified according to their respective functions and performances.

1. Quality Traffic

The first type is quality traffic or better known as quality traffic. To determine the value of traffic quality, it can be measured by how much value the conversions generated from visitor data entered on your website.

For business websites, the more site visitors who turn into buyers, the better the quality of traffic from your website. In general, visitors will see and find out what products you offer. So, it is included in the traffic by using the help of transactional keywords.

2. Quantity of Traffic

The quantity of a traffic is also very calculated to improve the performance of a website. The more visitors that enter each page of your website, the greater the value of traffic you can get.

So, when you develop a business website, then you need to multiply pages with quality content. Where, you can create a collection of articles in the form of blogs that contain informational keywords.

3. Organic Traffic

And the last type is organic traffic, which is very liked by website owners because it doesn’t cost or is free. With organic traffic, it can also bring in more visitors and increase conversions.

For example, when someone types in a keyword in a search engine in a browser, and then the user clicks on the link displayed in the search results. Well, the visit of the link is an organic traffic.