Recovering from truck accidents is an ordeal in itself. To add to the despair, truck accident claims are complicated to win. Having the right local truck accident law firm on your side is the only way to get justice and fair compensation.

So, what makes truck injury cases legally complex? Well, for starters, there are quite a few parties who can be accountable for your losses, and finding out who to hold responsible is often the trickiest part of the process.

Read on to find answers to six FAQs that’ll help you find the perfect legal representation if you need one.

Top 6 Questions About Truck Accident Compensation Cases

  1. What is the Basis for Compensation in a Truck Accident Case?

Different states have different bases for truck accident compensation. In Georgia, such cases are based on legal negligence – when the involved party doesn’t perform their functions carefully and diligently and causes some loss. So, the first main agenda in all such cases is to prove that one or multiple parties were negligent – drunken driving, speeding, distracted driving, etc.

  1. Who is Liable in Such Cases?

There can be several parties responsible for truck accident cases (not always the driver), making these cases complex. Some of the involved parties can be – the driver, the truck company, the owner, the manufacturer, etc. This list is quite exhaustive and needs careful legal documentation to prove who is guilty in your case.

  1. What Kind of Compensation Can You Get in Such Cases?

Fortunately, the list of compensation grounds is also quite long and includes both financial losses and intangible losses (like the death of a loved one). Some of these compensatory grounds are – Hospital or long-term therapy bills, bills for mental trauma recovery caused by the accident, loss of wage or job, emotional losses, etc.

  1. Should You Accept the First Compensation Offer?

The legal process of getting compensation in truck accident cases can be long and taxing, and people are often tempted to accept the first offer that the insurance company makes. However, it is best to deny this offering and file a lawsuit after thoroughly discussing the merit of your case with a skilled truck injury attorney. The subsequent compensation is substantially higher than the first offer.

  1. How Long Does the Legal Case Last?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this. Since these cases are more complex than any other personal injury case, they may be longer than usual. However, an excellent legal firm and lawyer can ensure there are no unnecessary delays.

  1. Is Hiring Truck Injury Attorneys Compulsory?

Yes, absolutely. Truck accidents are never minor and have a long and expensive recovery journey. If you hire the right attorney, you can rest assured that you will get your rightful compensation and justice without worrying about the legal hassles. 

Summing Up

An experienced and reliable truck accident lawyer can make the process of filing a compensation claim hassle-free. Here’s hoping these FAQs and know-how will help you say yes to the right attorney in case you ever need them.