At certain moments, alcohol becomes one of the drinks specially prepared for the guests. When not consumed in moderation, it can certainly make you drunk. When consumed continuously, it will have an impact on health.

Yes, alcohol that is consumed regularly has the potential to become alcoholism or alcohol addiction. However, to stop this addiction, of course, requires a process that is not easy. Those who undergo ‘withdrawal’ of alcohol from their lives will also experience various symptoms.

As quoted from website, These symptoms include sweating, nausea, insomnia, headaches, hallucinations, increased heart rate, and seizures. However, one must be aware that when treatment is given, the symptoms that arise will be different, depending on the ability of an addict to cope with them. The intention to quit is not enough, they are also the support from friends and family.


Alcoholic need to consume more water than usual. Normally it is recommended eight glasses per day. This is because, during the ‘withdrawal’ of alcohol, the body needs more fluids for the detoxification process. Not only that, but more water reserves also help maintain fluid stability in the body.

Divert Attention

The majority of addicts admit that quitting alcohol is as difficult as quitting smoking. However, this is normal. Thus, your mind is forced not to consume alcohol or suggestions. The trick, you will be given something healthier, such as fresh fruit juice or drinks that contain glucose, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.

The body has a circadian rhythm, which is the time to regulate the organs, when to rest and when the organs work. Those who are accustomed to sleeping late must be able to get used to following the rhythm of activities. For alcoholics, start adjusting the biological clock. This is done so that the detoxification process can run.


With the help of your therapist, you can learn how to control your actions and improve your behavior, especially when dealing with situations that are prone to alcohol use. Behavioral therapy, for example, can be the right choice as motivation and cognitive formation. For another information please click here.


Based on the severity and duration of alcohol symptoms, the doctor will prescribe something containing benzodiazepines during the examination. Is a drug that helps control anxiety and discomfort due to not consuming alcohol. Not only that, but several drugs can relieve symptoms.