Being in an auto accident can be highly damaging. Depending on the severity of the injuries, a family might be left without a father, mother, brother, sister, or friend. The family may have lost a breadwinner. While auto accident injuries vary, it’s not always about the physical scars they leave behind; it can also be about emotional trauma. As a passenger in the vehicle, you weren’t driving. The accident wasn’t your fault. So how do you seek compensation in these cases, and from whom? Keep several things in mind.

Gather as Much Documentation as You Can

You’ll want several pieces of information. 

  • The police report number
  • The contact information for the department you get a copy of it from
  • The doctor’s notes and papers from all your medical visits
  • Confirmation you had to call out sick during your recovery
  • A list of any medications you were ordered to take
  • Copies of receipts from any chiropractors, massage therapists, or cognitive therapists

Write down the contact information of all businesses you’ve been working with since the accident to resolve your medical issues.

Don’t Place Photos or Comments on Social Media

In today’s society, it’s tempting to put several pictures on social media in addition to comments, opinions, and perceptions about the accident. In the conversations you might have in chat or threads, you might inadvertently forgive the person at fault or say other things that can be used against you to avoid paying you for your recovery. You also may cause doubt in the court’s mind based on what you wrote on social media.

Work with a Qualified Auto Accident Attorney

Instead, share these pictures of the accident, along with concerns, thoughts, and observations, with an auto accident attorney Seattle-based. The auto accident lawyer will tell you what kind of a case you have against the person at fault. They can also help you work with the insurance companies to help prevent an insurance company from compensating you promptly.

Move Forward with What You Deserve Despite Friends or Family

Further, suppose the accident was the fault of a friend or family member. In that case, the lawyer can move the focus of your friend or family member personally and instead focus directly on making their insurance company pay you. Your friend or family member would want your whole and restored as quickly as possible.