No one expects to get injured or disabled on the job, but it happens much more than people know. According to OSHA, more than 800 workplace injuries occur every day. These injuries are sometimes because of poor safety practices or negligence. In some cases, freak accidents occur. You have resources that you can use regardless. The following explains how you can get help if you get hurt on the job:

Employer Assistance

The first thing to do if you get hurt on the job is to go directly to your supervisor. Ensure that he or she creates a report about the incident, as you may need the document in the future. Most employers already have a process they go through when workers get hurt on the job. Thus, you most likely won’t have to ask your employer to create a report. 

The employer may have an on-site nurse you can visit, or they may work with a medical institution that can take you whether you have coverage there or not. Your employer may also be able to give you some time off to recover from the injuries you received. 

See What Benefits You Have

You may have some work-related benefits that can help you while you are recovering from your injury as well. You might have a critical illness policy or something similar. 

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is something that your employer most likely has to keep to stay within the guidelines of the law. It is a benefit that will entitle you to receive a certain percentage of your paycheck while you’re healing from a work-related injury. This benefit has nothing to do with fault. Thus, the incident can be your fault, the employer’s fault, or someone else’s fault, and you can still qualify to receive money.

You will most likely have to see a doctor assigned to you by your employer. That doctor will evaluate you and recommend a return-to-work date based on those findings. The doctor may feel that you are able to perform light duty. If so, you will have to give your employer a chance to offer you light-duty activities. You can contact The House of Workers Compensation if you feel as though you’re not receiving the benefits you deserve. That might happen if the insurance company refuses your claim for some reason. Such lawyers are in business to ensure that claimants get what they deserve. 

Consider Requesting Disability

You may be able to receive  a suitable amount of disability benefits if you get hurt on the job as well. That might be an option you want to consider. Short-term disability benefits usually last up to six months before you would have to look for something that would last longer. 

Apply for Governmental Assistance

The government may be able to help you with some type of financial assistance and help with food while you’re recovering as well. Some programs provide coverage for people who lose their income. 

Personal Injury Attorney

You can also consider talking to a personal injury lawyer if you think your employer is responsible for your injury. They help people who experience injuries because of neglect. Thus, you might want to speak with such an attorney if you think you got hurt because your employer failed to do something important. 

Those are a few places you can look for assistance if you’ve experienced a horrible work injury. Choose one or many of them to get by while you are recovering from your losses. You will find a way to get through the rough time and recover enough to be a strong member of the workforce.