Have you been a victim of a car accident that has resulted in a permanent injury? If yes, you should not only look to receive compensation for your immediate losses but also for possible future damages. 

To get the compensation you deserve, you must seek assistance from an experienced and reputable Eugene car accident attorney. He will help you to calculate the cost of future damages before submitting your claim. The section below talks about the factors one must consider when performing such calculations. 

The Kind of Medical Care You’ll Need in the Future 

Even if it’s a minor injury, you might need to spend a significant amount of money on treatment. That’s because the soft-tissue injuries resulting from car accidents often require the victims to undergo costly physical therapies. 

The expenses for more serious and potentially permanent injuries are obviously much higher. Treatments for such injuries might include multiple surgeries. Patients may also need to enroll themselves in long-term rehabilitation programs for regaining or maintaining mobility. These victims typically need to take prescription drugs for managing chronic pain due to the injuries. 

Car accident victims often need to use certain medical equipment for better mobility. So, when calculating future expenses, you must also consider the price of such equipment (including the replacement costs). 

Will You Need to Stop Working Due to the Injury?

At times, permanent injuries resulting from car accidents prevent the victims from working for a prolonged period. Some need to leave their actual profession and look for some other work, which often results in a major pay cut. In case of more serious injuries, the victims may never succeed in having a full-fledged professional life.

If you need to stop working for a specific period due to car accident injuries, you might also miss out on one or more of the following: 

  • Pay raises
  • Bonuses
  • Overtime pays
  • Pension 
  • Sales commissions 
  • Life insurance 
  • Health insurance, and more 

An experienced lawyer knows how to factor the above items in to find out how much impact the accident has made on your earning ability. 

Are You the Primary Income Earner of Your Household? 

If you are the primary earner or sole breadwinner for your household, you should be able to recover a higher compensation in most cases. That’s because the loss of wages for you would mean a complete financial setback for all your family members. 

You Should Also Consider the Non-Economic Issues Resulting from the Accident 

Car accidents often change the lives of victims entirely. Their future might look completely different than what they imagined it to be. This usually happens due to the relentless pain, anxiety, and suffering these people need to experience post the accident. A top car accident lawyer will help you to receive compensation even for these non-economic issues. 

Final Words 

When choosing a car accident lawyer, you must ensure that he or she has the experience of serving people in your area. That’s because only an attorney practicing in your area will have in-depth knowledge of both the local and federal laws.