Auto accidents often happen frequently on the roads of New Jersey. This is a no-fault state, which means you must file your claim with your own insurer. An unfortunate and serious car accident can leave you grappling with losses, and unless you get compensated for your injuries, it’s hard to achieve financial freedom after the mishap. If the accident resulted in devastating outcomes, such as disfigurement or loss of a body part, you could possibly sue the other party for their negligence. For that, you must consider hiring a lawyer. In this post, we are sharing more on finding a good law firm for your case. 

Consider their response

An attorney should take your car accident claim on priority. The good news is most attorneys are ready to offer a free initial consultation, and this could help you understand the case better. You will typically meet one of the lawyers of the firm, who will listen to the facts and share their initial opinions on the case.  

Consider their approach

Stay away from attorneys who want to just settle cases prematurely without doing adequate work. A competent lawyer will follow a series of steps to determine if you have a valid case, such as – 

  • Do a thorough investigation to determine whether you have a valid case
  • Contact appropriate parties, if needed
  • Talk to the insurance company as the case progresses
  • Trial experience is essential

As we mentioned, attorneys often want to send a case and reach a settlement so they don’t need to go to court. Make sure you hire a law firm that has the experience and doesn’t step back from taking cases to court. Ask the lawyer how often they deal with lawsuits and if they have handled cases like yours. 

Think of the team

While one attorney would represent you, working with a top law firm ensures that you have the support and expertise of the whole team. Many attorneys work closely with the firm associates to ensure that there are no errors in judgments. You can expect the best possible representation of your interests. 

Finally, do consider the fee of the attorney. For car accident cases, attorneys usually take a contingency fee. They get a share of the settlement, and that’s only when you get paid. Don’t settle for a lawyer just because they are charging lower than others. Get an experienced team on your side at the earliest.