When you are attacked by a dog, the experience can be quite traumatic. You will be injured and there is a pretty good possibility you will develop some sort of psychological trauma. Fortunately, if the bite did not happen because of you, there is a very high possibility you could file a claim and receive a financial compensation for what happened. Detroit dog bite lawyers can easily help you but what does this actually mean?

Making The Bite Claim

If you want to make a dog bite claim, there are specific laws that need to be respected. You need to make sure the incident happened in a specific time frame, which is usually in the past 3 years. Then, you have to get ready to prove that the fault was of someone else and that there was actually an injury.

To make the claim you need some extra information that you need to present to your lawyer and that will be used during the process. This includes:

  • The name and the contact details of the dog owner.
  • Police details when officers were involved.
  • Details about home or pet insurance for the dog owner (whenever available).

With dog bite attacks, it is quite important to report the incident to the authorities. Police officers can then be sure that the dog owner will take appropriate measures in the future so other people are safe. Also, there is a record of dogs that are potentially dangerous. This means you can get a higher compensation and you do your part in protecting others.

What Should You Do When You Were Bitten?

The first thing to do is always to go to the doctor and to get the medical attention that is required. Treating your injury is the most important thing since your health should take priority. Keep in mind that a dog bite can become infected. Also, it is common that the injury appears to be so much less serious than it actually is.

When you go to the doctor, you get medical records. These can be used in the future to support the dog bite claim. Also, you should always make notes of the details of the dog owner. At the very least, try to get the name and the address. Solicitors need such details in order to carry out claims.

When Attacked On A Holiday

As with all dog bite attacks, you still need to seek the appropriate medical attention. You never know if the dog carries rabies and if the wound will be very dangerous. Also, if you want to make a claim, things might be a little more complicated because of the different laws that exist in the area that you travel to. This is particularly true when you go to another country.

If bit on a holiday in another country, make sure to hire a dog bite attorney that has the appropriate experience. When you want to make a claim at home, you just need to contact an experienced local dog bite attorney since he will surely know what to do.