Complete Guide to Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Oklahoma that You Should Pay Attention to

Marriage is a means of achieving happiness in life with your partner. It’s just that, not all married couples can achieve this happiness. As a result, they also chose to separate and divorce. Conditions like this are quite common, including in Oklahoma.

You need to know, the divorce rate in Oklahoma City has increased from year to year. Throughout 2017,  Oklahoma City Court recorded that there had been about  4,000 divorces. This figure has risen to 5,000 divorces as of October 2018. The bad news is that court mediation has a very small success rate.

Things to Look For Before Deciding to Divorce

The decision to divorce, should not be done rashly. For a man, it cannot easily say to his wife, divorce. Meanwhile, the wife also has to think again when she wants to file a divorce suit in court.

When you get a divorce, you can indeed separate from someone who has been a source of discomfort. You must to know How to file for divorce, especially How to file for divorce in Oklahoma. Whenever you deciding to say the word for divorce or file a divorce suit, there are several things that you must first consider, namely :

  • Is divorce really what you wanted?

The first consideration is that you should think carefully about whether the impending divorce is a real wish. Don’t let the divorce be the result of the practical way of thinking that comes when angry or upset with your partner. This is to ensure that the happiness obtained after the divorce is not false happiness.

  • Think about the losses you will incur when you get divorced

The second consideration, you also have to think about the conditions when separated from your partner. Think carefully about what losses will befall you after your divorce. The potential losses that may arise after divorce are quite a lot.

You will experience significant economic losses when you divorce. When married, you can just share expenses with your partner. However, different conditions will be faced when divorced. Moreover, for a housewife who has left her job for years for the sake of a partner.

  • The fate of the child

The divorce that you will face, does not only affect your partner. You also have to consider the impact faced by the child. In various studies, it has been revealed that children whose childhood faces divorce, feel that they do not have a special relationship with their parents as adults.

At the same time, children will also face the risk of depression that is so deep. This can be proven by the children’s poor social skills. Before parents divorce, children can be active and cheerful individuals. However, his condition can turn 180 degrees into a gloomy child, and tends to shut himself up after the divorce of his parents.

  • Did you do your best?

Saying the word for divorce or filing a divorce suit in court is indeed a practical solution when you feel you don’t get along with your partner. However, did the decision to divorce have been preceded by efforts to improve the relationship with the partner?

When you feel unhappy when you get married, it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your relationship with your partner. It could be that the unhappiness arises because there is no effort from both parties to be able to improve the quality of the husband and wife relationship.

Therefore, you need to communicate well with your partner. Through good communication, problem identification can be done properly and you can solve it together.

Reasons for Divorce Allowed by Legal Rules

When you have made careful consideration, you also have to be prepared for the consequences that will be faced. Moreover, when the reasons on which you are filing for divorce are justified by the laws in force in the United State Of America.  Law Number 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage regulates that 6 reasons can be put forward as a basis for divorce, namely :

  1. One of the spouses commits an unacceptable act during the marriage. These disgraceful acts include gambling, getting drunk, committing adultery, and taking drugs;
  2. The valid reasons for filing for further divorce under the Marriage Law are when your spouse leaves you without your permission for 2 consecutive years;
  3. Criminal acts that result in imprisonment with a prison term of more than 5 years can also be used as an excuse for filing for divorce;
  4. Domestic violence, whether committed by husband or wife, can be used as a strong basis for filing for divorce. Moreover, when the violence committed has an impact on the safety of other parties;
  5. Divorce can also be filed when a spouse has a disability or illness that prevents him from fulfilling his obligations as husband or wife. For example, when the husband is paralyzed and cannot provide for his wife, then the wife has the right to file for divorce;
  6. Continuous disputes between husband and wife can also be used as an excuse to file for divorce. Moreover, when the dispute is considered an unsolvable problem;

Factors That Make the Divorce Rate in Oklahoma High

The high divorce rate in Oklahoma City is not without reason. Based on records from the Oklahoma City Court, several factors trigger divorce in Oklahoma,  namely:

  • Disputes in the household

Domestic strife is a dominant factor in the emergence of divorce cases in Oklahoma City. These disputes often start from inappropriate social media use. As a result, jealousy emerged in the heart of one partner. This jealousy made the two of them often argue and even fight.

The dispute that never ends is also driven by the relatively young age of marriage. The average divorce filing in Oklahoma City is made by couples between the ages of 21 and 25. In that age range, a person is less able to be mature in dealing with disputes in the household and prioritizes emotions.

  • Economic factors

The inability of a husband to support his wife is the second highest factor that triggers divorce in Oklahoma City. The husband does not have a job with sufficient income. This is by the condition of unemployment in Oklahoma City which is also very high. Based on 2019 data, there is a lot of unemployment in this city.

The high unemployment rate is also exacerbated by the lack of abilities possessed by workers. Please note, Oklahoma is not an industrial city, but a city of commerce. On the other hand, the unemployed in Oklahoma are not very interested or even have the ability to trade or offer goods and services.

  • Domestic violence

Domestic violence is a factor triggering the rise of divorce that is so high in Oklahoma. The violence that occurs is usually carried out by men. Although, it is also possible for women to do so. Also, the violence that causes divorce is not only physical but also verbal abuse.

Domestic violence is the result of problems that previously existed in husband and wife relationships. For example, some time ago there was news about the persecution by a man named Prima against his wife. Prima reasoned that the abuse was carried out after he found his wife in communication with another man.

  • Criminal

Criminal action is also a trigger for divorce that is not less high in Oklahoma City. Moreover, a criminal act resulted in years of imprisonment. At the same time, many women have filed suit for divorce after discovering that their husbands had bad acts, such as taking drugs, drinking frequently, and gambling frequently.

  • Cheating and polygamy

Cheating and polygamy are the triggers for the next high divorce rate in Oklahoma City. Compared to other factors, cheating and polygamy are small. For the record, in 2020, the two of them each contributed as many as 23 divorce cases.

Divorce Filing Procedure in Oklahoma

The process for filing for divorce in Oklahoma can be done in a less complicated manner. For married couples who are Muslims, you can file a lawsuit with the Oklahoma Court. Meanwhile, for couples who are other than Muslims, the process is submitted to the Oklahoma District Court.

In the submission process, several documents must be prepared,  namely:

  • Original marriage certificate;
  • 2 copies of marriage certificate which are stamped and have been legalized;
  • Photocopy of the child’s birth certificate in a stamped condition and legalized for couples who already have children;
  • Photocopy of the plaintiff’s latest Identity Card;
  • Photocopy of Family Card

As a complementary document, you can also include several letters of ownership for joint property management, including:

  • Land certificate;
  • Motor vehicle certificate;
  • Proof of sale and purchase transactions;
  • And other proof of ownership;

Minding Yourself or Using a Divorce Attorney in Oklahoma?

Regarding divorce arrangements, you can choose to do it yourself or use the services of a lawyer. How to take care of your divorce does allow you to save costs. What’s more, sometimes a significant portion of the expenses involved in arranging a divorce are related to the costs of hiring divorce lawyers in Oklahoma.

It’s just that, using the services of a divorce attorney in Oklahoma also provides several benefits, including  :

  • Smooth divorce process

Handling divorce cases can be very cumbersome. You will be faced with various types of documents which can be very difficult. Moreover, you are not accustomed to dealing with piles of documents in a foreign legal language.

When carried out by a divorce attorney in Oklahoma, problems related to divorce procedures can be handled easily. They will not find it difficult to process the various documents required. Moreover, if you choose a lawyer who understands the laws and regulations regarding marriage in the United State Of America carefully.

For example, when you and your partner are Christians. So, the law in force in the US requires you to file a lawsuit in a district court.

  • Saving time

When you take care of it yourself, you will spend a lot of time ignoring the divorce process. Different conditions will be obtained when you use divorce attorneys in Oklahoma. They will be able to do their work effectively and efficiently.

Please note, the longest period for divorce arrangements in force in the United States is 6 months. When you use divorce attorneys in Oklahoma, you’ll be able to finish the process in court very quickly.

  • Divorce proceedings can be carried out without attending the trial

Not only is it time-saving and practical, but using the services of divorce attorneys in Oklahoma also allows you to complete the divorce process without having to go to trial. You can do this by submitting full power to the attorney. With a note, the attorney you hire is a truly trusted lawyer.

You just have to submit all the required types of documents. Furthermore, all matters relating to divorce proceedings in Oklahoma are the responsibility of the lawyer. That way, the divorce process that takes place in court will not interfere with your daily work activities.

  • Means to fight for the rights to joint property and child care

The last and most crucial advantage of using a divorce attorney in Oklahoma is the means to fight for rights. When divorced, 2 main rights are often a struggle between former husbands and wives. The two rights in question are joint property and child custody.

When arranging a divorce without a lawyer, you will not know the things that can benefit you regarding joint property and child custody. When using the power of a lawyer, you can use the evidence and the law as a weapon to get a fair decision.

Tips for Choosing a Trusted Oklahoma Divorce Attorney Service

You already know how important the role of a lawyer is in handling divorce cases in Oklahoma. However, the big question that then pops into your head is, of course, where to find a trusted and qualified divorce attorney in Oklahoma?

There are several points to consider to find quality and trusted divorce attorney services in Oklahoma,  namely :

  • Make sure the attorney you use has special family and professional law skills

The first tip you should look at when choosing a divorce attorney in Oklahoma is to consider the background. You must ensure that the attorneys employed have special expertise in handling cases related to family law.

You may use lawyers carelessly. However, what happens if the attorney’s knowledge of the intricacies of family law in the United State Of America turns out to be less profound? You will likely get an adverse trial verdict.

Also, make sure that you get treatment from experienced lawyers. What happens quite often in the field, lawyers shift their duties to lawyers who have just completed their study program. In this condition, you will be at a disadvantage. An inexperienced lawyer usually only relies on knowledge from the books he reads, not from real events that take place in court.

Nor do you rely on lawyers with whom you have a relative or friend. Moreover, if it comes to them providing their services based on pity. Even if they do offer you legal services cheaply, it would be better if you choose to refuse.

The use of cheap lawyers can have an impact on the quality of service that is cheap. Moreover, if the attorney is your relative or friend. Their performance will not be so professional. On the other hand, you will also feel bad if you raise discomfort.

  • Choose a lawyer with a clear office address

When hiring a lawyer, you want a divorce attorney in Oklahoma that you can trust. Therefore, make sure to use lawyers who are easily invited to meet face to face. Do not let you only communicate remotely with lawyers, either by telephone or email.

Therefore, know the address of the attorney’s office that you want to use. Make sure that access to the office is easy enough. That way, you can consult directly with the lawyer without hassle. Plus, if the attorney can take the time when you are free.

  • Consider the rates that need to be issued

When hiring divorce attorneys in Oklahoma, you should also clearly ask what rate scheme to use. Generally, divorce lawyers use 2 tariff schemes, namely the hourly payment method and the lump sum method.

The lump-sum payment method allows you to know the total cost of using a lawyer in advance. Meanwhile, the hourly payment method is adjusted to the time the lawyer works in handling your case. The longer the divorce case lasts, the greater the costs involved.

  • Compare attorney services else where

A mistake that often occurs when using a lawyer, someone only comes to one place and directly uses the services of a lawyer there. This method is quite practical. It’s just that, you might be disappointed when you find better service from other places.

Therefore, when looking for divorce attorneys, consider making observations at several law firms. Get more information related to each office. From there, you can also get a more complete reference regarding the choice of a divorce law firm that can handle the case at hand.

To use the services of a trusted Oklahoma divorce attorney office, you can consider and at the same time compare Tulsa Fathers Rights with attorney services elsewhere. Tulsa Fathers Rights is a special family law service that provides solutions in handling experienced divorce cases. You will also get the best results from the services you get from Tulsa Fathers Rights.

Those are the tips and considerations that you can use when dealing with divorce problems in the household. Remember, before deciding to divorce, make sure you weigh the decision deeply. Don’t let the decision to divorce cause you to regret it later.