Workplace-related mishaps are not rare or unusual in Cedar Rapids. Injured workers often don’t realize the workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to and end up committing mistakes that eventually cost their claim. A work injury may leave you grappling with losses, and you could be temporarily disabled, which means you cannot work anymore. To add to the woes, medical bills will pile up in no time. Given that circumstances are challenging, you should consider consulting an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Cedar Rapids without delay. Here are some key reasons to engage an attorney.

  1. Insurance companies won’t play fair. Your employer pays for insurance, but eventually, the workers’ compensation benefits are paid by the insurance company. These companies work for profit and don’t care for injured workers. If you are not smart enough, the insurance adjuster will ensure that you settle for the lowest offer they make, and because you are in distress, you will end up accepting whatever they have to offer.
  2. Intimidation by employers. This happens more frequently than you think. If more injured workers file claims, the employer will have to pay higher insurance premiums, which hurts their interests and profits. If your employer intimidates or tries to discourage you from filing your workers’ compensation claim, don’t let that happen. Contact an attorney so that you understand the next steps that must be followed.
  3. Know your rights. If you want to get the entitled benefits of the workers’ compensation as per your circumstances, you have to know your rights. An attorney can explain what you should do immediately to preserve your interests and will also guide you on the legal options to consider if your claim is denied. If your employer has fired you from the job because of your injury, it could be used against them, and you may have a valid case, which your lawyer can handle.
  4. File an appeal. What happens when your workers’ compensation claim is denied? Depending on the situation, you could still be entitled to compensation for your injuries. You may have to file an appeal, for which your attorney can help. Don’t let the insurance company take away your benefits because you failed to take action in time.

Keep in mind that most workers’ compensation lawyers don’t charge a fee immediately. They will charge a portion of the settlement only when you win, and there is also a limit to what the lawyer can take as their fee.