It can happen to anyone. A fun night out with friends enjoying a few drinks while celebrating a special birthday, job promotion, or just blowing off steam after a long week when afterward, the unthinkable happens, a DUI arrest. What you decide to do next can mean the difference between considerable time behind bars and a police record that could change the course of your life – and not for the better. If you (or someone you know) have been arrested for a DUI, below are three essential steps to take immediately.   

Don’t Discuss Arrest Details 

While you may feel compelled to share every detail of your version of the events leading up to and including the arrest with friends or family, know it’s not in your best interest. Detention facilities routinely monitor and record all in and outgoing conversations, and they can be used against you later in court. It is always best to limit your discussion to where and when the offense occurred.   

Contact a Reputable Bail Bond Agent  

Contact a reputable bail bond agent unless you have a stash of cash stored away for such emergencies or are fortunate to have a rich relative you can call to get you out of jail. If you’re researching affordable bail bonds Williamsport PA ask about their hours of operation (24/7 is crucial)  and their level of experience. When you hire a bail bond agent, they handle the paperwork and can secure your release as quickly as possible.    

Call an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney     

An experienced criminal defense attorney is familiar with and can easily navigate the complex criminal justice system on your behalf. A seasoned attorney you’ve hired is your advocate and will fight for your rights every step. It’s important to note that you must be completely honest with your attorney for them to help you.   

Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to helping yourself out of a potentially life-altering situation.