3 Reasons to Hire a Tax Lawyer

There are many reasons to hire a Tax Lawyer. The IRS will not always charge you an audit, even if you feel you have been the victim of identity theft. Even when they do recommend an audit, it is usually for tax relief purposes only and you have the full right to contest the assessment. Even if your assessment was wrong, you are still in the safe zone as far as your assets are concerned – the IRS cannot take them unless there are criminal proceedings. If you have been a victim of identity theft, hiring a Tax Lawyer is a very good decision.

Identity theft has become the fastest growing crime in America. A lot of people have had their personal information stolen over the years. While most people have been able to fix the problem, some have not. As a result, they have been unable to file their taxes, have been assessed with fees for their incorrect filing, and even have their wages garnished.

It is very important to protect yourself from such problems. This is where hiring a Tax Lawyer becomes very useful. The Tax Lawyer will be able to advise you on how to deal with the IRS as well as how to fix your taxes. Most importantly, they will be able to represent you in the court so that you do not have to pay the wrong person or get into legal trouble with the IRS.

Tax Lawyers will help you avoid such problems. You should know though that even if the IRS offers you a settlement or is lenient on your taxes, this does not mean you have escaped serious problems. You need to hire a Tax Lawyer as soon as possible. In fact, the sooner you find a Tax Lawyer, the better for you. They will have more time to prepare your case and can make sure that your rights are protected and that you are not pressured into settling for less than you deserve.

The first reason to hire a Tax Lawyer to help you is because you need an honest professional who can defend your rights. The second reason is because the IRS can use some tricky tactics to intimidate tax payers. They may threaten you with jail time, levies, large fines, or even worse, but will not actually go after your property. That is why it is necessary for you to have someone on your side fighting for your rights.

The third reason to hire a Tax Lawyer is because they have a much better understanding of the tax code than you do. It can be difficult to understand what the IRS is looking for. When they are representing you, they will be reviewing your situation to know whether or not you owe them money, and whether or not they can realistically get that money from you. They will also know exactly what tax laws apply to your situation and will fight for you on your behalf as hard as they possibly can.

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