How to Deal with a Side Swipe Accident

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Sideswipe accidents often result in minor car damage such as scratches, dents, or a missing trim. Thankfully, most times, this tends not to be fatal, however, it can be very frustrating nevertheless. Sometimes though, these accidents can end up being fatal.

In this article, we go over the details of these accidents and how you can protect yourself and your rights with the help of Mesquite TX side swipe accident lawyers if you are a victim of one.

Automobile blind spots cause more than 840,000 sideswipe accidents in the United States each year, says Popular Mechanics.

In addition to this, here are other factors to consider:

  • Driver distraction

Every now and then we see drivers comb their hair, take a phone conversation, write a text, or fidget with the radio while oblivious to the road ahead. Allowing distractions to divert their attention away from driving safely causes drivers to drift …

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